Spiritual health is achieved when you feel at peace with life. It is when you are able to find hope and comfort in even the hardest of times.

Spirituality may not be able to cure you, but it can help to cope up with the pain and difficulties that accompany illness. It can help to support you as you experience life completely. Spirituality may be different for different individuals.

Spirituality can bring inner peace by contentment with your current situation and yourself. This dimension focuses on relationships and activities that support and enhance your spiritual well-being, such as prayer, meditation and worship.

Cultivate Spiritual Growth:

  1. Create time for Yourself: Set aside time to work on your own spiritual enrichment.
  2. Don’t compare with others: Allow yourself to be free from the weight of others’ emotional and spiritual burdens.
  3. Live in present: Focus on work/life balance, personal growth and living in the present moment.
  4. Devotional work for satisfaction: Engage in daily devotional work. Note: Devotional work doesn’t mean Religious work.

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