Registers to be maintained by ANM at Sub-Center are:

(To be checked by MO when he/she visits a Sub-Center)

1. Eligible Couple Register including Contraception

2. Maternal and Child Health Register:
a. Antenatal, intra-natal, postnatal
b. Under-five register:
i. Immunization
ii. Growth monitoring
c. Above Five Child immunization
d. Number of HIV/STI screening and referral

3. Births and Deaths Register

4. Drug Register

5. Equipment Furniture and other accessories Register

6. Communicable diseases/Epidemic Register/Register for Syndromic Surveillance

7. Passive surveillance register for malaria cases.

8. Register for records pertaining to Janani Suraksha Yojana (JSY).

9. Register for maintenance of accounts including untied funds.

10. Register for water quality and sanitation

11. Minor ailments Register

12. Records/registers as per various National Health Programme guidelines (NLEP, RNTCP, NVBDCP,  etc.)

1. As many registers as possible should be integrated.
2. Health Management Information System (HMIS) Reporting Format for Sub-Centre may be strictly followed for collection, recording and reporting of Data.

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