Corneal blindness can be treated by replacing the damaged cornea with a donated healthy human cornea. The only source of human cornea is Eye Donation.

  1. All of us can be donors: Almost anyone of any age and sex can pledge to donate eyes after death. This can be done even if the donor wears glasses, has cataract or has undergone eye surgery successfully. All that is needed is a clear, healthy cornea.
  2. Relatives are Decision Makers -The eyes of the deceased can be donated whether he/she has pledged the eye during life or not. At the same time, eyes cannot be removed without the consent of the next of kin, even if the deceased has already pledge his eyes.
  3. Time is Important- The eyes have to be removed within six hours of death. So the nearest eye bank or eye collection centre must be informed immediately irrespective of the initial pledging centre/eye bank.
  4. Keep it Moist- Eye lids of the dead should be closed immediately after death. Head end should be elevated, fans should be switched off and a wet piece of cloth should be placed over the covered eyes. Antibiotic drops, if available, may be applied to keep the eye moist, so that the cornea does not dry up.
  5. Death At Home- In case of death being reported from a place other than a hospital, an eye bank team with a doctor/technician will reach the donor site including his or her home. No fee is charged to the family for eye donation.
  6. No Scar- Excising an eye takes only 15-20 minutes and leaves no scar or disfigurement of the face.
  7. You light up two lives! -Eye donation after death gives sight to two blind persons. One blind person is given one eye.
  8. Speedy transplant- On reaching the eye bank, the donated eyes are examined, processed and used for corneal transplant operation as early as possible.
  9. Anonymity- The recipient of cornea will always remain anonymous but the donor’s family should be satisfied knowing that the eyes have been used to restore the vision of a blind person[s].
  10. Eye donation is free and voluntary- The donated eyes are never bought or sold. Eye donation offered is never refused.
  11. Eye Donation is Easy– It is only one phone call away. Call the nearest eye bank on 1919 or 1053 or 104

Even if 5% of the people would donate their eye after death, the corneal blindness from our Country can be wiped out . Join Eye donation Awareness  Mission.

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