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IHA Mission is a non-profit educational organization that teaches public health awareness  and Health  leadership skills through a Practice.

Our story

The IHAMission Journey:

IHAMission began as a series of speaking on Health by Dr. Santosh K. Narayankar during his working for Government of Maharashtra. As a District Reproductive and Child Health Officer Santosh saw a need for the men in the community to learn how to speak, conduct meetings, plan programs and work on committees, and he wanted to help them.

Santosh decided to organize a group of Health associates where they could learn these skills of Public Speaking and Health Writing for Increasing Health Awareness in a social environment, and many who are thinking in same direction joined the concept. We named the person who gives health talks as “Health Speaker” and those who writes about Health as “Health Writer”.

The Forming of IHAMission Organization:
The first unofficial meeting was held on Feb 20, 2020. Santosh & Nitin began working at the newly organized IHAMission at Mumbai, their time was spent building a website for the organization to reach qualified aspirants across India who are interested in Health.

To save time replying to the many letters and inquiries he was receiving, Santosh wrote the “Manual of Instructions” and “Ten Lessons in Public Speaking and Health Content writing” irector for the rest of his life, as well as a permanent member of the Board of Directors.

Current status:
No donation accepted uptill now.
Organization is running on small fund collection from founder members.
Approaching 100 Health Writers.

Dr. Santosh K. Narayankar (MBBS, PGDPPH, 2nd Yr. MD-PSM)
Founder Member
Doctor By Profession Working at KEM Hospital, Mumbai
Dr. Ashwini Vatambe
Dr. Ashwini B. Vatambe (BHMS, PGDEMS)
Founder Memeber
Doctor By Profession Working at Ruby Hospital, Pune
Mr. Sanjay Narayankar
Mr. Sanjay K. Narayankar (B.com)
Founder Member
Working as a Senior Accountant In a Firm
Mr. Nitin J. Gajakosh
Lead Developer

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